Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why Do People Commit Suicide

Modern lifestyle has converted us to machines.  Busy work Schedules, Long office hours, Competition in every field, tech gadgets, Day to night household chores has made our life a roller coaster. Ever-increasing demands to have a brighter future definitely raised our brows. We live so fast that we forget the exact meaning of life. Life is to live peacefully, happily with contentment however in the race of life we all are running without knowing the direction& Goal. 

Commit Suicide

Our endless desires make us slave of our mind and when we fail to meet the expectations of our mind then we feel weak, looser and unsuccessful in every field of our life. It’s the bitter truth of life that to have a bright future, you are sacrificing your present but the big question is who knows the Future? Who is responsible for your present situation? To whom should you blame if things are not working well at your end? If your marriage did came to a disaster? Sometimes people feel responsible for everything going bad in their life and those who has low self-esteem take the drastic step of committing suicide to overcome from all their worries. Sadly, Suicide is not the solution of your present condition. Everybody has problem in their life but ending your life is not the way to tackle your flaws of life.

If you make yourself responsible for everything went wrong in your life then you are wrong. Let’s discuss the possibilities, why people commit suicide instead of facing the situation?

Relationship Problems

We humans can’t live lonely. We live in a society where relationship plays vital role in individual growth. Some people struggle with relationships they are in due to many reasons. Broken relationship, obligation to be in abusive relationship, not feeling appreciated are the common cause intense feeling of depression, guilt complex and emotional pain.

Mental Illness

Some people have mental illness like anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Schizophrenia. Mental illness is the major cause of suicide. People suffering from above mental diseases have suicidal tendencies.


The major suicide driven cause in young generation is experience bullying in their school or college time. To some degree bullying in colleges and schools is ok however most people have adverse effect of it and end up feeling extremely depressed, useless and miserable to change their situation.


Increased use of technology in every field left many people unemployed. Unemployed people feel as if they have no purpose in life and get depressed over lack of income.

Social Isolation

Getting socialized is human need. People who feel isolated from society often feel depressed and alone. Felling of loneliness cause anger, sadness and disconnection from others.

Chronic Illness

People treated for chronic disease like cancer for long term developed suicidal tendency as it leave a person irritated, shocked and depressed. Long Illness of any disease always leave patient stressed and hopeless.

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