Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Caleb Laieski on QTalk Arizona

Caleb Laieski is only 16 but he has accomplished a lot in the past few years: from founding his own organization, to helping change policies in his former school district to protect LGBT youth from bullying, from making national headlines, to being the Youth Grand Marshal at the Phoenix Pride celebration, to attending a conference at the White House, to lobbying on the Hill, and even meeting the President and Vice-President of the United States.
The most exciting thing I did my sophomore year of high school was build a float for Homecoming and make friends with the Goth kids.
Today on QTalk Arizona Caleb tells his story of what started him on a journey that would change his life.  After being terribly bullied with physical violence and death threats at school he starting to report harassment to the administration but they and the district were not interested in helping him.  After that, he sued the district with the help of the ACLU.  Even though the case was eventually dropped, sexual orientation became protected under the district’s policies.
His philosophy of self-confidence leading to action is inspiring and timely not to mention wise beyond his years. Even as a 13-year old he had the courage to speak up and defend justice and equality.

Seth and Caleb

Listen as Caleb Laieski talks about how his life has changed and what other LGBT youth can do to make a difference in their own lives, schools and communities — just like Caleb has done.  We hope that many LGBT youth will be listening to this show as it’s important to get Caleb’s message out to as many people as possible.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Recognize your Rights to Assure Public Safety and LGBT Discrimination

According to Caleb Laieski, Human being is born free and no sooner they come out of their mothers’ wombs, then there is 30 basic right, which gives them the privilege to live a life in their own and free manner. These laws are implemented by the worldwide organization which seeks that every individual that has taken birth could live life without any kind of torture, slavery, pressure and any other sexual abuse. That could lead once a life to disaster or evening sometimes resulting as worse as death.

Caleb Laieski

As all are a creation of God, no matter rich or poor, of high society or a garbage picker, of any caste or creed, it doesn’t mean that you could impose your power of status and could force your expectation could be carried out only. Even further aspects of public safety to human from the human brutal deed that could eventually lead to human life havoc, are being considered day to day. Such that each and every kind of discrimination could be avoided that are practiced by human beings itself in the name of various aspects such as caste, religion, sex, marital status and on people with physical deformities. 
Especially, Caleb Laieski emphasizes in the case of LGBT where you could find a various negative, thoughts, comments, and hatred apart, they are also a human being and the creation of God and had equal rights. And, also you can find the specific role of them in our society as well as different holy books of various religions. More often according to the different society and land boundaries, the perception and the mentality changes each time, which it’s related to LGBT right and even the jurisdiction also varies from time to time and from places to places. 

Any kind of discrimination that is carried out in a society or nation that is related to gender identity, which everyone has their own either male or female that could affect everyone. In many countries, the government itself tries to refuse and ignore the cases that are related to violence on LGBT people and many a time such abuses are carried out by state authorizes no matter any sanction of any legal notice. Under article 16 (UDHR) universal declaration of human rights of each and every human being either male or female have the right to marry and find, a family of their own choice. Thus, if you are surrounded by any such kind of hideous deed or any kind of discrimination on minors or LGBT people, then you can raise your voice to help of Caleb Laieski to get public safety and right authorities look after these matters seriously.       

Friday, 10 February 2017

Surprise Teen is an Advocate for Gay Rights

Fifteen-year-old Caleb Laieski's summer days go something like this: Wake up. Sit in front of a Dell laptop and read dozens of e-mails. Give a virtual pep talk and a phone contact to a girl from Australia considering suicide. Provide a hotline number to a Valley teen unsure how to tell his parents he's gay.

Add to a list of politicians across the country who will soon receive information about discrimination against gays and lesbians. And, oh yeah, return yet another call from the media.

Laieski, of Surprise, isn't spending his summer hanging at the pool. The high-school student is a gay activist, working between classes and school breaks.
He co-founded a national anti-discrimination organization in 2008, when he was a middle-school student. It's now based out of his bedroom.

He has sent hundreds of e-mails full of statistics to legislators, local politicians and others, hoping to inspire policy changes favorable to the gay community. And he has dealt with what he dubbed harassment at Willow Canyon High School in Surprise.

"Everything I have gone through has inspired my activism," Laieski said.
Eager to raise awareness, he recently shared his experiences with reporters from MSNBC and other outlets interested in the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona's offer to represent him. Dysart officials should have tried to stop anti-gay slurs and abuse, Laieski said.

Dysart Unified School District officials said they can't comment on specific students but have policies to prevent harassment.
Dan Pochoda, legal director at the Arizona ACLU office, said he and Laieski hope to meet with the district to promote updates to school bullying policies and additional training for staff.

Laieski isn't waiting. He has been on the move since 2008. That year, he and a friend founded Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination in reaction to votes barring gay marriage in Arizona, California, and Florida.

Caleb Laieski, the group's executive director, now leads about 20 volunteers who hope to urge lawmakers to overturn policies and laws they believe discriminate against gays and lesbians. They also hope to build a homeless shelter.
Laieski said he will pursue non-profit status in coming weeks.
Chicago-based volunteer Casey Cameron, 35, said he decided to help because he found Laieski's goals refreshing.

"With his organization, I feel like the approach is, 'We've waited long enough. I want something done now,' “Cameron said.

Former Equality Arizona co-chair Mike Remedi, 37, exchanged several e-mails with Laieski before someone mentioned his age.

The two would later meet at a Human Rights Campaign fundraising dinner.

"What surprised me was how well versed he was, in issues around the country even," Remedi said. "That's why I wouldn't have assumed his age. He had his facts. He knew the stats. He knew them better than most people do."

Laieski's father, Michael, drove his son to the dinner and stayed. He was proud.
"There are so many profound things that have happened that it constantly impresses me," Michael Laieski said.

Caleb Laieski acknowledges that he's not like most 15-year-olds but said he enjoys "taking a stand."

"Age is really just a number," he said. "And this is, like, my fun."