Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bars Urged to Allow Access to Self-Alcohol Testing Kits

National Advocate Caleb Laieski, who is a former 911 Dispatcher and someone that grew up with an alcoholic family member, has sent an email to over 10,000 state legislators throughout the country urging them to allow access to disposable self-alcohol test kits at local bars.

An average number of 1,500,000 people are charged with DUI per year, or that every 2-hours, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes.

Laieski highlights in his email to over 10,000 state legislators throughout the country, that:

  • There are several different breath test kits that are FDA approved. These tests cost $2-3 per tube, provide results in minutes, and detect a .08 or higher Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) level.
  • Many states will hold bars responsible for injuries caused by drunk patrons and as highlighted in this letter, so many innocent people die due to intoxicated individuals thinking that they are fine, or just going “right around the corner.”
  • Several bars have safe sex kits, but think how useful it would be if every bar allowed access to alcohol test kits. Think of how many innocent parents and children would be saved from drunk drivers.
“It is very important that we get as many drunk drivers off the road as possible, but the police cannot be everywhere, every second of the night” and "I have no doubt that making alcohol test kits available in bars would make a major impact and save many lives. It would be terrific to see something like this launched and introduced” said Laieski.


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