Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Caleb Laieski on QTalk Arizona

Caleb Laieski is only 16 but he has accomplished a lot in the past few years: from founding his own organization, to helping change policies in his former school district to protect LGBT youth from bullying, from making national headlines, to being the Youth Grand Marshal at the Phoenix Pride celebration, to attending a conference at the White House, to lobbying on the Hill, and even meeting the President and Vice-President of the United States.
The most exciting thing I did my sophomore year of high school was build a float for Homecoming and make friends with the Goth kids.
Today on QTalk Arizona Caleb tells his story of what started him on a journey that would change his life.  After being terribly bullied with physical violence and death threats at school he starting to report harassment to the administration but they and the district were not interested in helping him.  After that, he sued the district with the help of the ACLU.  Even though the case was eventually dropped, sexual orientation became protected under the district’s policies.
His philosophy of self-confidence leading to action is inspiring and timely not to mention wise beyond his years. Even as a 13-year old he had the courage to speak up and defend justice and equality.

Seth and Caleb

Listen as Caleb Laieski talks about how his life has changed and what other LGBT youth can do to make a difference in their own lives, schools and communities — just like Caleb has done.  We hope that many LGBT youth will be listening to this show as it’s important to get Caleb’s message out to as many people as possible.
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA


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