Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A prominent national advocate, launches initiative to increase volunteerism in the United States.

Caleb Laieski, a prominent national advocate, launches initiative to increase volunteerism in the United States.

Caleb Laieski, a 21-year-old National Advocate and former 911 Dispatcher, has come up with the first-ever major national push to get more people in America engaged and involved in volunteerism.

A question we often ask is “How can we get more people involved in our communities?" and “How can we make this world a better place?”

Laieski is proposing:

If one does (x) amount of community service hours, they shall receive a tax credit of (x) on state income tax. This can be for things like volunteering at your local animal shelter, cleaning up litter, helping with church programs, putting meals together at homeless shelters, and so much more!

Laieski has sent approximately 20,000 emails to every state representative, state senator, Governor’s office, Member of Congress, U.S. Senator’s office, and their senior staff. He has also provided a copy to several top advisors at The White House and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Laieski has received hundreds of emails back in support of getting legislation launched in several states across the country to support his initiative. Laieski says, "This proposal will increase volunteerism, provide a financial incentive to get more folks engaged in their community, and help organizations and people that are in desperate need of assistance."

Laieski has been thanked for his efforts during his teen years by President Obama and Vice President Biden and his efforts are featured in the National Center for Civil and Human Right’s gallery located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Caleb  Laieski is an environment and civil rights activist, as well as a Champion to the LGBT rights movement. He was bullied, dropped out of high school and quickly obtained his GED. After being bullied at the age of 16, he became a national advocate for anti-bullying, LGBT rights, and suicide prevention.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Bullied Gay Teen Meets with President Obama

When we last checked in with Caleb Laieski — a gay adolescent from Arizona United Nations agency started his anti-bullying policy once he was forced to drop out of high school at the age of sixteen — he was within the middle of a month long consciousness raising campaign, assembling with legislators on Capitol Hill to garner support for the coed fairness Act.

Caleb Laieski

Now, 2 months later, Caleb Laieski is return from his third trip to Washington D.C. this year, wherever last he was Associate in Nursing invited invitee of the White House to attend President Barack Obama‘s LGBT Pride Reception on Saints Peter and Paul.

LGBT Pride

While meeting with the President, Caleb projected that the administration appoint Associate in Nursing LGBT youth authority to the President, which might function a liaison between the Obama Administration and also the nation’s LGBT youth population to deal with anti-LGBT bullying and request solutions to different problems facing LGBT youth.

In March, Caleb attended the White House’s initial ever Conference on Bullying hindrance, that galvanized him to advocate at the federal level, “for people who are afraid to talk up.”

In May, Caleb came back to Washington to lobby for support for the SNDA — the House version, HB 998, presently has one hundred forty five co-sponsors; the Senate version, SB 555, has thirty four co-sponsors.

During his twenty two days in Washington, Caleb met with nearly two hundred legislators and members of the Administration, as well as Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), the bill’s chief sponsor within the House, Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and also the workers of subunit. Al Franken, the SNDA’s chief sponsor within the Senate.

Caleb additionally met with Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sibelius, and shared his personal expertise being on the receiving finish of anti-gay bullying. The story curst Sibelius, and days later, she spoke to Caleb’s story at the foremost LGBT Youth Conference that was hosted by the U.S. Department of Education.

Caleb was a victim of bullying on a commonplace in his public college, that crystal rectifier him to go away regular categories and pursue his GED rather than a high school credentials.

After departure college, Caleb sent a legal notification to his administrative division that he would bring a legal proceeding to safeguard himself et al United Nations agency were troubled by bullies, prompting the district to vary its policies. He later sent an analogous notice to each administrative division in Arizona, contacting quite 5000 college directors, council members and state lawmakers, difficult improved measures to fight discrimination.

And during a tragic event that affected too near home, Caleb lost an in depth friend his age to suicide last year United Nations agency had featured similar experiences with bullying.

In fact, statistics show that almost nine out of ten LGBT youth (86.2%) reportable being troubled in school within the past year as a result of their sexual orientation, and three out of five LGBT youth (60.8%) felt unsafe in school as a result of their sexual orientation, consistent with GLSEN.

Caleb Laieski aforementioned his goal is to channel his inner pain into a positive expertise by turning into a robust personal advocate for hangdog LGBT Youth.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Create an Environment for Success

In life we all have dreams. We all have our big aims, the things that we really want to accomplish. Regularly, these are things that we are passionate about and like doing. Most of the time the only thing that separates us from achieving these goals and dreams is how we set up the conditions in our life.

The conditions in your life are your environment. People, places, things, everything that you surround yourself with is a part of your environment. For example, if you have an office, then everything that is in your office is contributing to the "office environment". Caleb Laieski Shared Some Useful Information the Create an Environment for Success. It’s very helpful for everyone.

The Environment of Success

Setting Yourself Up For Success

One of the fundamental principles of success is that if you want to be successful then you need to structure your environment so that you can guarantee that success. This means that you know what you want to accomplish and then you organize your life so that you make that outcome as easy as possible.

Let's take the example of the office again. If you are working there, then what conditions will provide you with the greatest chances of success? Does your office need to be clean? Do you need a list of your most important activities so you have clarity? Do you need to be free from distraction an interruption?

All of these questions are important because they will have a significant impact on your work output and productivity. Removing your barriers to success is key, as is adding elements to your environment that will energize and fuel your motivation.

There are many ways that you can do this. You could place pictures and posters of things and people that motivate you. You could place your favorite quotes around your office for motivation. You could play certain music in the background if that is something that energizes your spirit.

Your environment is a crucial factor in your success. Even though you may not be aware of it, what you are around surrounded by is going to influence you in every way possible. Instead of just letting your environment "happen", structuring your surroundings towards success is going greatly enhance the chances that you achieve the goals and dreams that you have set for yourself.

Achieving your goals is not always going to be fun. There will be times when you are going to need to do some hard work, and you may not necessarily enjoy it. This however does not mean that you should make yourself miserable. Setting up your environment for success, whatever that means to you, is not only going to help you achieve your goals, but it’s also going to make you happier on the road to their attainment.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Effective Parenting Tips

Effective parenting gives you the feeling that your child becomes the best person s/he can be. Children feel better about themselves and their abilities when raised with good parenting. They feel excited to learn new things. They feel secure and confident and grow more effectively. They learn how to respect and love others including their parents. Caleb Laieski advocate for the LGBT community, public safety and the environment has shared some useful tips for effective parenting.

Effective Parenting Tips

Be a good role model: Children easily learn great deal about how to react to any situation by watching their parents. Children especially young ones always believe that their parents are intelligent and powerful and they can’t make bad decisions. Parents should do the best to live up to their expectation or idealizing that image.

Spare some time for your children: When you have a child, you bound to countless responsibilities like feeding, ensuring his/her physical well-being and housing them well. You work hard to provide every facility to your child. Once you assured about these necessities are fulfilled by you then spare some time for your children. Balance your work and family efficiently to give proper time to your children. After all family come first. Find ways to connect with your child even when you are not round. Put a note in his/her tiffin box and ensure them that you care for them even you are out of sight.

Make Communication a priority: When children obey you that does not mean that they will do whatever you demand simply because you are a parent. Like adults, children needs explanations too. Calmly understand them about why some things are not good for them. Clear your expectations and if still they have some doubt , explain it and express your feeling about it and let child describe his/her point of view.

Be flexible and adjust your Parenting style. As children grow, their demands are changing so as with their expectations from parents. If your child is continuously disobeying you then you have to check about your expectations. Are you expecting fair thing from your child? You have to change your parenting style as your children grow. Your young children needs more love and respect.  

Encourage Good Behavior: Parenting is not just pointing out mistakes of your child. You should encourage his/her good behavior and lauding their triumphs too. Praise your child good behavior and reward them when they are doing well. Do not spoil your child however your hug, compliment and praise works well for them.

Caleb Laieski always encourage people for good parenting style because he firmly believes that our children are our future and we should shape them in a good way.