Friday, 7 October 2016

Effective Parenting Tips

Effective parenting gives you the feeling that your child becomes the best person s/he can be. Children feel better about themselves and their abilities when raised with good parenting. They feel excited to learn new things. They feel secure and confident and grow more effectively. They learn how to respect and love others including their parents. Caleb Laieski advocate for the LGBT community, public safety and the environment has shared some useful tips for effective parenting.

Effective Parenting Tips

Be a good role model: Children easily learn great deal about how to react to any situation by watching their parents. Children especially young ones always believe that their parents are intelligent and powerful and they can’t make bad decisions. Parents should do the best to live up to their expectation or idealizing that image.

Spare some time for your children: When you have a child, you bound to countless responsibilities like feeding, ensuring his/her physical well-being and housing them well. You work hard to provide every facility to your child. Once you assured about these necessities are fulfilled by you then spare some time for your children. Balance your work and family efficiently to give proper time to your children. After all family come first. Find ways to connect with your child even when you are not round. Put a note in his/her tiffin box and ensure them that you care for them even you are out of sight.

Make Communication a priority: When children obey you that does not mean that they will do whatever you demand simply because you are a parent. Like adults, children needs explanations too. Calmly understand them about why some things are not good for them. Clear your expectations and if still they have some doubt , explain it and express your feeling about it and let child describe his/her point of view.

Be flexible and adjust your Parenting style. As children grow, their demands are changing so as with their expectations from parents. If your child is continuously disobeying you then you have to check about your expectations. Are you expecting fair thing from your child? You have to change your parenting style as your children grow. Your young children needs more love and respect.  

Encourage Good Behavior: Parenting is not just pointing out mistakes of your child. You should encourage his/her good behavior and lauding their triumphs too. Praise your child good behavior and reward them when they are doing well. Do not spoil your child however your hug, compliment and praise works well for them.

Caleb Laieski always encourage people for good parenting style because he firmly believes that our children are our future and we should shape them in a good way.

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