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Importance of Anti Bullying Program in a School to Stop Bullying

Bullying is annoying, violent behavior among school aged children that involves a real or apparent power imbalance. Bullying can be hitting, pushing, tripping, fighting, making rude gestures and playing with someone’s emotions. A bully is a person who intentionally tries to hurt others. It affects lots of young children and happens almost in every school. To stop bullying in schools, anti-bullying programs have been designed. These programs may not be able to guarantee zero bullying in schools, however they can help reduce it. Here is some of the benefits of having an anti-bullying program in school.

Stop Bullying

Increased Awareness


The first step to stop bullying is to acknowledge it. A bully always gets away because nobody notices it and raise voice for it.  By Admitting there is a problem, we can think of rectifying the problem. Anti-bullying programs educate students and parents about what is bullying, how to spot it and what to do about it.

Improvement in School Policy


By implementing anti bullying program in a school is the fact that school need to review its policy. Commonly, schools does not have any anti bullying policy and bully easily gets away and most students do not tell. They can represent bullying policy to their students, parents and teachers. This would give a message to students that school is serious about dealing with bullying.
Empowered Students

Students also needs to be empowered to deal with bullying in the school. Usually targeted student do not tell about bullying to their parents or teachers due to peer pressure, self-doubt and outright-fear. When they know that a process is in place and teachers and parents are there to help them, they will definitely speak about bullying.
Involved Parents

Anti-bullying program also require the support of parents. Parents should be educate enough to know how to help their child if they are being bullied or if they are bully. They should now the proper process to contact the school but also understand how the school will handle the issue. The process is for helping just not the target but also the culprit. Parents should know that they are participating in the process however school is seriously dedicated to the no bully message.

For a successful anti bullying program, everyone needs to be committed and involved. It will be good for the entire community to have bullying free school. Caleb Laieski is a leading national advocate for anti-bullying, environment and civil rights activist and a champion to the LGBT rights movement. To know more about his, please visit
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